I called Mike and told him how desperate I was for a resolve to an issue I was having. He had me come in that same day. He was so very personable and professional! He gave me advice on solving the issue at hand and I was able to breathe again! I highly recommend Mike I will for sure go back to him when needing financial assistance! - Patti H.

Personable and professional

September 28, 2018 We are a tiny travel agency that has been in business since 2004. While looking back to the different CPA firms that we have employed for our corporate and personal tax filings, we had never had a moment where our extended filing date was a problem until last year. Enter Michael Essick, who was recommended to us via his posting at a long-time client's church community board. To say it was a hornet's nest of IRS threatening form letters, and being dumped by the prior CPA firm, was just the start. Mike welcomed us in and gave us time to plead our case, then giving tentative and real solutions that worked for us. Even after a negative reply from the IRS, mike is still hopeful and still seeking a better outcome. Bravo for the "Go Get Them" attitude! As of today, we have followed Mike's advice and not only have we caught up on the monies that were requested by the IRS for 2018, he also completed the 2017 corporate and personal taxes filing for us, which produced a surprising refund. Yay for us, and yay for Mike, for turning around our small business with big tax problems and helping us get back into the black in less than six months. Our appreciation for his skill and efforts will continue beyond the life of our agency. These last six months have proven that mike is a trusted and honest business person who can untangle financial business issues, as he did for us and as he will for people that we will be sending his way. Thank you, a million times. Steven and Lanette Rice The Cruise Butler Boerne, TX

Thank you times a million

When did you first become a client? • Longhorn Concrete Co. (LHC) became a client the 4th Quarter of 2017 What is your overall feeling about our firm? • Could not be more pleased --- wonderful firm Describe a particular experience with us that made you very happy? • Hard to describe just one… I like how proactive and expeditious Mike is in handling our needs. Was there any matter or office procedure that you feel could be improved upon? • No. Describe the one or two benefits you have received from us that you value the most. Please be specific, and tell us how these benefits improved your life. • Knowledge of the latest tax laws applying to our industry • Very Accessible to discuss & get clarification on tax issues in order to make the correct decision for our business • Very easy to talk to and has an ability to bring tax issues to a level that is easy for us to comprehend I do not mind if you use my name in any or all of your promotional materials. • The LHC Team would highly recommend Michael A. Essick, CPA and would be glad to be a part of any promotional materials or reference list.

Internal Client Review

I trust Mike to do what he says, when he says he will do it. - Alex S

He does what he says

Mike went to bat for us and stopped the IRS collection efforts. He got us time when other national firms could not. - Ashley N.

Stopped the IRS

I used to dread the IRS, but now I have a TAX MAN in my corner - David R.

Tax Man In My Corner

Mike has been my CPA for years. His advice and dedication has resulted in allowing me to not only grow my business, but save thousands of dollars in taxes at the same time - Randy F.

Save thousands of dollars